Words of Wisdom

…”to all the Somalis that are in the similar situation, it’s mainly to understand that it is not their wrong doing that they are the way they are. There are millions and millions of gays around the world and it has always been there and will always be there. The main thing is that they should give themselves the time they need to come to terms with their sexuality and never to see homosexuality as an obstacle to their lives and future careers.

I will also tell them to get an education and learn skills to better their future. Be somebody and start living. If you get stuck ask for professional help and it’s always good to have support network with people that are in the similar situation as you are, as talking about it with those you trust the most helps. Start helping yourself and please keep your morals high.

Just because homosexuality is seen in the eyes of the Somalis the worst one can be, does not mean that you have to believe them and abandon the good values that you are raised with. Shy away from the bad things as you have always did. Starting loving yourself and always keep in mind that the only thing that makes you different from the rest of the society is that you like to sleep with someone from the same sex and that your sexuality is just a small part of the person you are.

Respect yourself and others will respect you. Also ignore the negative portrayals of homosexuals in the media and within the Somali Gay community. Be your own person and always seek to those that will empower you. Last but not least practice safe sex and help each other…’

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